Gnome Rebels Surround Cop in Australia


Gnomes are infiltrating Australia once again!

According to The Flinders newspaper, a group of gnomes were recently discovered surrounding the “silent cop” in the middle of the main intersection in the town of Gladstone. Ballsy.

gnomeaustraliasignGnomes have been threatening local officials so much that they’ve agreed to give the country fair a “gnome theme.”

Australian gnomes have also been spotted behind bars at the local post office. Apparently, going to the post office in Australia is even worse than it is in the States. At least we don’t get imprisoned for wanting to mail letters here.

Well that’s your ’round-the-world update, folks. If any of your Aussie gnomes out there care to explain your recent rowdy behavior, we’d love to hear it. No judgement…promise! Just looking for some ideas to start our own revolution in the mountain states…

Your truly,
Humps the Gnome

Photo credit: The Library Faerie

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