Gnomes Discover Ancient Culture in Pictograph State Park


l stepped out of the Montana Brewing Company the other day after a few too many gnome-sized samplers with my travel companion, Rubber. I realized it was still daylight. My instincts took over.

You see, we make great travel companions…Rubber and I. He’s more the drinker and I’m more the adventurer. However, we both appreciate each other’s worthwhile point of view. We balance each other out.


Before heading to Carter’s Brewing Company that day for continued wastedness, I convincedĀ him to accompany me to Pictograph State Park in Billings, Montana.

The prehistoric (human, not gnome) hunters who camped in the caves here left behind a shit ton of drawings on the cave walls and artifacts. People who know what they’re talking about say the art in the cave is over 2,000 years old.


Sheesh that light was blinding. It was all I could do to cover my eyes and squint into the sub par gPhone camera.That Ghost Cave was creepy as hell. Come to think of it, they make me look somewhat ghost-like as well.

Rubber and I hiked the Pictograph Cave trail and the Ghost Cave trail. They weren’t long trails, which was much of a relief. These tiny ceramic legs have a hard time keeping up with his more flexible ones.

Anyhoo, I’d recommend this stop very much if you like weird old art, if you’re kind of a pansy when it comes to hiking, and if you have $5 to spare.

Signing off ’til my next travel tip….
Sheldon the Gnome

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