Pourin’ One Out For my Gnomies

As our dear Alfredo explained to you yesterday, Easter is a very tragic time in the gnome community. I would like to dedicate this post to one of our beloved brothers, Chaka Kahn, who risked his life standing guard by the door to keep those all evil bunny rabbits and scavenger children away.

But he was only one gnome. And one gnome can only do so much.

I would like to dedicate this poem to our dearly departed brother, Chaka Khan, as well as the others who suffered a similar fate yesterday.

Rest in Peace
Our fallen gnome soldier
There’s so many things
That we never told ya


You were brave and selfless
The very best gnome guard
The world feared your mushroom
And respected you in the yard


I saw the bunnies charging
I heard the children’s screams
I saw your life flash before my eyes
Like one of my bad dreams


But it was too late
You shattered apart
And I’ll always miss
Your piece of my heart


Pourin’ one out for my gnomies,

Yankee Doodle

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