Still Riding the Blueberry Wave…

We gnomes haven’t stopped drinking blueberry beer since we first started chattering about it.

In honor of yet another day that ends in “y,” I invited a pink monkey out on a blueberry-themed date. Her name is Ginger, and even though she’s pink, she still loves all things blue…including my stylish blue hat.


On the romantic dinner menu tonight: Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale and homemade blueberry pie a la mode.

Mama Gnome always said, the way to a pink monkey’s heart is through her stomach. Her very rotund stomach, full of beans. Wish me luck!

Rubber the finally-dating-again gnome

2 thoughts on “Still Riding the Blueberry Wave…

  1. We are monkeys, hooray! We are pleased to see one of our own get a shoutout from gnomes. Ginger sauce looks really cute. If you have any leftover pie, can you feed our very hungry monkey, Happy Fatty? Our other monkey Peso would like to request some of that blueberry beer.

    Ok monkeys are out, hooray!

    ~baaby monkey

    • Hi Monkeys, and more specifically Baaby Monkey!

      We love Ginger Sauce (a.k.a. Dunkey)! She’s one of our absolute favorite monkeys ever and you should bring her around the gnome abode more often. We have plenty of leftover blueberry pie and beer…c’mon over! You know the address, right?

      Can you guys bring some fruit over? Some of our gnomes haven’t seen fresh produce in weeks and they’re getting pudgy. Thanks!

      The Drunk Gnomes

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