Calling all culinary artists!

Check out pages 200 and 201. Sure the link looks intimidating, but you won’t regret it. I command you! DO IT!

For the love of all that is holy and gnomish in the world, would someone please help me make these?

I know I’ve never been the most domestic gnome by any means, but a fond old roommate of mine sent me this link and I am truly inspired. The last cupcake I made about ten years ago looked something like this. As you can see I need some serious help.


Sheldon was just reading over my shoulder (I HATE when he does that) and says that eating gnome-shaped desserts is a slippery slope to a downward spiral of cannibalism. I pointed out that cannibalism is typically only used in terms of humans, and obviously we aren’t human. Therefore, since there is no such word in the dictionary as “gnomabilism”, I win this argument and I can make my cupcakes with a clear conscious.

Contact me anytime, day or night, if you can provide some artistic guidance help making my baking wishes come true. Please, freaking please.

Sugary sweet rotten teeth of pure bliss,

Caesar the Gnome

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I’m that weird guy in your office who seems to need an IV drip of coffee at all times to function at a normal gnome-like level. Everyone always thinks I must an overworked insomniac and could also really use a shower.

Then one day I try to make out with you in the supply closet. My breath reeks of Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquor! It all makes sense to you now! I’ve never been drinking coffee at all! So you let me make out with you. Eh, why not? You’e probably had worse.

I contribute occasionally in the ‘Gnome Brew Review’ Category. I’m opinionated, sneaky, and like to be handled (wink wink).

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