Mr. Gnome – A (Human) Indie Rock Band


What’s filling the space between your ears these days?

mr3We’ve been listening non-stop to Cleveland, Ohio based (human) band, Mr. Gnome. The gnomish duo consists of Nicole Barille on vocals and guitar and Sam Meister on drums, piano, and  back-up vocals.

Although we Gnome Abode residents have yet to see them in concert, the Internet tells us that hey’ve been blowing up the tour scene. According to a recent interview with the band,

“We’re not an overnight sensation, flavor of the month or anything like that. This tour, though, the work is really starting to pay off. The crowds are singing all the words. It’s insane, surreal,” Barille said. “I don’t know how it happened.”


mr2They played at the 2012 South by Southwest festival and lots of other places we haven’t heard of. Oh! And you can check out one of their trippy music videos NPR! Of all places!

As supporters of all things gnome, I encourage you to check ’em out! Happy listening!

Peace out.
Lil’ Dimwit, Gnomish rap authority

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