Gnomes Reach Out to Extended Family with “Garden Fun”

Top o’ the mornin’, gnomies!

Just like you humans, we gnomes have mothers. This female life source tends to offer advice and┬árecommendations, even when our step slows down and out beards turn gray.┬áSometimes, we brush off our moms’ words as being just plain silly. But other times, mommas offer seriously legit advice.

I received an email forward today from my gnome momma today. The email included a link to a website, Garden Fun. When you take a look at this page, you might first think that these gnomes are for sale.


Sites like this are actually social media resources for us gnomes. They let us locate and communicate directly with our distant cousins via the Interweb. While we may no longer have the addresses or phone numbers for our relatives, sites like Garden Fun let us “online stalk” our kinda-sorta-loved ones and track them down (whether they want to be or not).

Do you want to eat some good tacos with your Mexican great-uncle, El Gnombre?


Want to ask out that girl you met in the bar, Marilyn Monroe the Gnome?


Pick up some latkes from cousin, Shalon Gnome?


Or arrange a hunting trip with the Butch Huntress Gnome, your long lost sister-in-law?


So don’t feel bad for the gnomes listed on Garden Fun. They’re not for sale and they’re not being held captive against their will. Thanks to sites like this, we can chat and meet up with all of the aforementioned extended family…. and many others we’d tried to forget about for so long.

Have a most splendid day!
Spechelle The Gnome

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