Gnome Countryside is Back in Operation!

After a February fire that devastated Gnome Countryside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we are happy to share that Gnome Countryside is back in operation!

gc3P.J. Reilly of Lancaster Online reported that Richard Humphreys has reemerged into society as the Gnomeman.

Richard dresses in woodland wear and preaches about the importance of saving the environment for both gnomes and (gag) humans. He captivated a group of Susquehanna Waldorf School students last week with his tales of gnomes, fairies, buttercups, and the woods.

Local gnome fans set up an online fund and raised about $15,000 to help rebuilt Gnome Countryside after the fire. Richard plans to put that money into developing the Gnome Trail that winds through his Pennsylvania property.

gc1Since the fire burned his house down and caused $350,000 worth of damage, the Gnomeman has resided in a barn on the property. He plans to build a new house using wood from trees that were damaged by the fire.

Gnome Countryside enjoyed its first post-fire visit just a couple weeks ago.

gc2The Gnome Trail is open for hiking and more tours are on the schedule. Fortunately, the props that Richard uses for his tours survived the fire. These include a pop-up gnome fact book, a paper-wasp nest and a cradle made from nut shells and an oriole’s nest.

Individual tours cost $10/person and you can reserve your spot by calling (717) 786-4928.

What are you waiting for?

Seriously! That was not a rhetorical question!!!

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