A Gnome’s Visit to the Chicago Distilling Company…in Pictures

If you want to read a legit review of the Chicago Distilling Company, head over to our buddy’s blog, www.alyssavnature.com. We gnomes tagged along for the adventure, but as you can expect, we were too tipsy to take any notes or remember anything that the tour guide said.

I think it’s safe to assume that the whiskey and vodka were delicious.

Without further ado, I present you with A Gnome’s Visit to the Chicago Distilling Company…in Pictures:


Cheers gnomies, and happy thirsty Thursday!
Rubber the “drunker-than-most-gnomes” Gnome

Naked Chick Poses with Gnomes…WHAT?!?

Gnome news generally revolves around gnomes getting stolen or celebrities painting gnomes for charity. However, yesterday we came across some gnome news that REALLY took us by surprise.

She goes by the name Aella, and she poses nude for Internet. Okay, nothing really all that shocking there.

But here’s the twist….she poses NUDE WITH GNOMES.

aella gnomes

Web forum, Reddit, has a subgroup called “gw” with plenty of ladies looking to strut their stuff for strangers. To stand out from the crowd, Aella’s gimmick is to pose nude while being ASSAULTED* by evil garden gnomes.

*Disclaimer – gnome assault is an unfounded myth. No actual gnome assaults have been reported in the history of gnomekind.

Viewers fell in love with her gnome gimmick and she was actually the forum’s most popular naked woman in 2013. The forum has over 500,000 members.

aella gnomes 2

“People are so used to watching girls take themselves seriously when it comes to sexuality,” she told The Daily Dot. “I don’t care about looking pretty. I care about making people laugh. People need to realize you’re a human being.”

According to Inquisitr, she grew up in a super-Christian household, and this appears to be a really unique form of rebellion. And apparently, she makes more money doing this than if she went to college and worked a regular job for 10 years.

Are you intrigued? Because we certainly are! We just started stalking her on Twitter, so this should be interesting…

Roxy the Gnome

Vintage 1978 Plush Forest Gnome Arrives at The Gnome Abode

Drunk gnomes love good company. And yesterday, we received a sparkling new addition to our family.


This little guy showed up at our doorstep most unexpectedly. I nearly turned the postman away, telling him that I hadn’t ordered any more cases of wine and that I didn’t appreciate solicitation.

Fortunately, some of the more sober gnomes in the house persuaded me to take in the package and begin tearing the cardboard box away. photo (1)

He seemed a little frazzled as he crawled his way out of the box. You see, he is a vintage 1978 gnome, created in the spirit of Wil Huygen’s legendary book, Gnomes.

We repeatedly asked where he came from, but as a gnome of few words, all he could do was simply gesture at his manufactured labeling.

“Knickerbocker” – read one label.

“Unieboek” – read another.

If you’re unaware, these are big names in the world of gnomes. We quickly realized that we had a full-blown celebrity on our doorstep!

photo (2)

He’s still a little shy and smells a teensy bit like grandma’s attic. But his fashion sense and hygiene is impeccable. You’d never know that the ole’ bastard is 35 years old in human years. That’s 275 in gnome years – and in the prime of his life, as the box kindly points out.

So let’s all take a moment to welcome our newest addition to The Gnome Abode!

Somebody buy this guy a drink!

And somebody give him a name! Sadly, he doesn’t seem to have arrived with his “Hello, My Name Is…” badge intact.

Cheers buddy!
King Jerry the Gnome

Cobargo Gnomes Get Their Own Field Guide!

We literate gnomes just came across “A Field Guide to Cobargo Gnomes.” Wow this town has enough of us to warrant  a FIELD GUIDE?!

Shared from Australia’s Bega District News – –

COBARGO“CHILDREN’S illustrator Naomi Lewis’s new book with its little subjects is proving a big hit.

A Field Guide to Cobargo Gnomes (and other local wee critters) was launched recently and already Ms Lewis said she is considering a second print run.

“I’m running out of copies already – I’m really pleased everyone likes it,” she said.

Gnomes have become a popular curiousity in Cobargo, ever since they joined the world-wide Occupy movement in 2011.

The collection of protestors remain on “Gnome-man’s Land” – the vacant block of land in the town’s main street.

“They come and go – people add to them all the time,” Ms Lewis said.

Meanwhile, Ms Lewis said “maturity and common sense seem to have failed me despite advancing years” and from her bush block at Yowrie she continues to seek out, research and document the wee folk and mythical creatures of the local area.

“It’s just a lot of fun,” she said.

“I’ve always been interested in myths and folklore.

“Some years ago I had an exhibition of my illustrations of mythical creatures and I created stories to go with each one.”

Those quirky creations and their individual stories have been collected in A Field Guide to Cobargo Gnomes.

The book is proving popular, but if you’re lucky you may spot a copy at Well Thumbed Books and the Lazy Lizard Gallery in Cobargo, and Candelo Books in Bega.

An exhibition of Ms Lewis’s Cobargo Gnomes illustrations is on display at Lazy Lizard Gallery until the end of January.”

If you happen to be wandering around New South Wales in the next couple weeks, check out her Facebook page for directions to the exhibit. Sigh….wish I could make it!

The Quick Brown Fox the gnome

All About Tacoma-based Gnome Sculptors, Art of Stone

The husband-wife team, Tammy and Shawn Christensen, have been making all sorts of gnomish headlines lately with their sculpting business, Art of Stone.

Shawn Christensen in his manufacturing facility where he, wife Tammy, and a crew produce concrete sculptures, concentrating on the seasonally popular gnomes at the moment. — MCT

Shawn Christensen in his manufacturing facility where he, wife Tammy, and a crew produce concrete sculptures, concentrating on the seasonally popular gnomes at the moment. — MCT

Randomly enough, the couple doesn’t make just gnomes, but they also throw gargoyles, VW Beetles, and warty toads into the mix. They make the lil’ buggas all from scratch, which means a whole bunch of mixing, hauling, molding, staining, and painting. But all that hard work is paying off.

The Christensens got a temporary retail store in Tacoma, and say the most challenging part of gnome-making is ensuring that the pointy hats don’t tilt too much to one side.

Their house was converted into a gnome (and other inferior creatures) workshop, where even concrete hippos, frogs, and Buddhas have been spotted.

Some of the couple’s gnomes are picking their noses and sticking out their tongues. Nose pickers are the most popular of all. And rightfully so.

So what’s next for the Christensen gnomes? “I want to do a lady that’s actually a tree, with a stump for her base and branches for her arms,” says Tammy.

Right on, guys…right on.