A Gnome’s Visit to the Chicago Distilling Company…in Pictures

If you want to read a legit review of the Chicago Distilling Company, head over to our buddy’s blog, www.alyssavnature.com. We gnomes tagged along for the adventure, but as you can expect, we were too tipsy to take any notes or remember anything that the tour guide said.

I think it’s safe to assume that the whiskey and vodka were delicious.

Without further ado, I present you with A Gnome’s Visit to the Chicago Distilling Company…in Pictures:


Cheers gnomies, and happy thirsty Thursday!
Rubber the “drunker-than-most-gnomes” Gnome

Oakshire Brewing’s “Ill Tempered Gnome” Winter Ale

Here at The Drunk Gnome, we LOVE discovering new gnome-inspired brews!

We recently stumbled upon “The Ill Tempered Gnome,” a winter ale from Eugene-Oregon-based Oakshire Brewing Company.


For our fellow brew nerds, here are the stats:

STYLE: American Brown Ale
OG: 15.5 Plato
IBU: 65
ABV: 6.8%

AVAILABILITY: Winter Seasonal
FORMAT: Draft & 22 oz. bottles
FOOD PAIRINGS: Roast Pork, Grilled Sausages, smoked salmon, aged gouda, mild blue, burgers, bread pudding
We have yet to try the brew, but we’re hoping to find it in our local grocery store soon. If not, we are fully prepared to take a road trip out to Oregon.

In the meantime, here’s a brew review from the Daily Emerald’s Samuel Wendel: “Though it does retain some of the spice common to autumn beers, Oakshire complements the spice with a nice malty presence, and a subtle hoppiness that brings to mind the smell of pine. Its finish is smooth, and at 6.8 percent alcohol by volume, it shouldn’t take more than one or two to warm you up on a cold winter night. Ill-tempered Gnome is well worth a try, and should be available in most grocery stores.”

Have you tried the ill tempered gnome? What’s pissing him off so badly?

Thirstily yours,
Pablo the gnome

Dirty Bill’s: A (Sort Of) Gnome-Themed Dive Bar in Austin (human guest post!)

Rarely do we welcome human contribution on our blog, but we thought this article was worthy of mention:



A gnome-themed bar? Sign us up!


I had the pleasure of meeting Dirty Bill while I was in Austin, and he was a stand-up kinda dude.

Read, read, read all about it!
Zookwinkle the Gnome

Halloween Wine: A Lady Gnome Review

Perhaps you think all we gnomes drink is beer. Then perhaps you’d be mistaken. Some of us lady gnomes consume a steady diet of wine each day…it helps restore balance to our skin tones.

Like many lady gnomes, I’m a sucker for pretty labels. While buying ingredients to make my boyfriend a pumpkin pie, I came across this bright orange bottle. (That’s my bf in the picture. He’s a firegnome. How HOTTT is that?!)

photo (3)I know it’s only the 11th of October, but I’m getting super excited for Halloween. And how freaking festive is this bottle of deliciousness?!

“Halloween” is made by a local place called Illinois River Winery in Utica, IL. It’s right near Starved Rock state park….I love that place!

Anyway this is an apple and pumpkin wine that’s spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. And it tasted like exactly that. After my man and I devoured the bottle in a couple swift sips, I noticed a suggestion that it’s best served warm.

Whoops! Guess I’d better pick up another bottle to try it heated up a bit!

Halloween wine is 10.5% alcohol, so it got me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside without the old-age headache the next day. It’s more sweet than tart and more fruity than dry.

I recommend it! And I’ve also added this winery to my list of places to drink at. It has a tasting room open every day – $3 for 6 tastes!

So my fellow gnomies, what fall festive drinks do YOU plan to throw back this weekend?

Happy Friday, my loves!

Roxy the Gnome