Gnome Sighting in Steilacoom’s Tunnel of Trees

Washington resident, Nancy Covert, addressed a concern that people feeling “watched” as they passed through Steilacoom’s Tunnel of Trees.

There’s a blue-hatted little gnome keeping his eye on motorists and pedestrians as they trample and plod their way though his humble home. (From the picture, his hat looks to be pretty red though. Perhaps his blue coat is magically reflective!) I’m not sure what a “Steilacoom” is, but a tunnel of trees sounds like a most excellent home for a gnome.


So as any modern gnome would do, I did a lil’ googling.

Apparently a “Steilacoom” is a small town on the eastern shore of Puget Sound.”I got hooked the first time I visited,” said Steilacoom, Washington, resident Robyn Shalikashvili. “I drove around the corner through a tunnel of trees, and saw amazing blue water and every inch of the Olympic Mountains.”

It’s about 45 minutes southwest of Seattle and pronounced STILL-a-come. That’s weird…really freaking weird.

But the locals say this wasn’t always a quaint little place with small town values. Apparently, it used to be described as “wild and wooly” and saloons once outnumbered everything else. Now that’s my kinda town!

Alas, it seems I’m getting off-topic again.

My whole point is that there’s a gnome who calls this place home and he wishes to be left alone. (I heart rhyming!) Our buddy, Nancy, said another gnome once lived in this area and was brutally kidnapped to an undisclosed location. Let’s hope this dude has a better future ahead of him.

Antisocial gnomes unite!
Horace the Gnome