Gnomes Discover an Umbrella Cover Museum


In case you didn’t realize, we gnomes are into weird crap. Today, we came across something entirely random for no reason at all.

An umbrella cover museum!

umb1Nancy Hoffman is our new hero. She is the proud owner of 730 umbrella covers, which is the Guinness World Record! Now don’t misunderstand me….I’m not talking about umbrellas. I’m only talking about their COVERS!

Go to Peaks Island, Maine if you don’t believe me.

umb2Their mission statement: “The Umbrella Cover Museum is dedicated to the appreciation of the mundane in everyday life. It is about finding wonder and beauty in the simplest of things, and about knowing that there is always a story behind the cover.”

We can get behind that, Nancy…sure we can. If you have old umbrella covers lying around your porch, we gnomes encourage you to donate them to Nancy. She will totally be way more into them than you are. Promise.

Until next weird time,
Yankee Doodle The Gnome