Get Your Very Own Gnome-Shaped Snow Cone in Texas!

In the summertime, it doesn’t get much more refreshing than a cool and delicious snow cone. If you’re lucky enough to live in or be traveling through Texas, you can enjoy a gnome-themed snow cone to cool off and embrace your love of gnomes!

Gnome Cones is a small snow cone business that was launched in Argyle, Texas in 2017. The founders created the world’s first gnome-shaped shaved ice treats with all-natural ingredients, rather the artificial syrups and dyes that are common in this industry.

While recently traveling in my RV from Texas to Oklahoma, I couldn’t resist hopping off Interstate-35 to make a pit stop at Gnome Cones to try one for myself!

Gnome cones come in many different flavors and are served in cute cups with gnomes’ faces on them. I ordered a “Troll’s Blood” flavor, which is a combination of cherry, strawberry, and coconut. You can even get a scoop of vanilla ice cream underneath your shaved ice treat, which is delicious and highly recommended.

I can honestly say this was the best snow cone I’ve ever tasted, and that’s not just because it’s shaped like a gnome!

The adorable Gnome Cones stand has a few picnic tables outside to enjoy your treat. Take some time to check out the shop’s diverse gnome collection that surrounds the building. It’s also next to a local food truck called Bumbershoot Barbecue, which has a large and lovely seating area that’s cozy and shaded. Both areas are pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your four-legged companion along. The Gnome Cones staff serves you while wearing red gnome hats, which adds a fun touch to the whole experience. Gnome Cones also sells gnome-themed merchandise, so I made sure to buy a “Don’t Mess with Gnomes in Texas” t-shirt and a fun keychain for my purse to take home as souvenirs.

Gnome Cones in Argyle is open daily from noon to 9pm, and shortly after my visit, it opened up a second location in the nearby town of Denton. The new downtown Denton location is much larger, has a covered patio, and offers an extended menu with soft-serve ice cream, pastries, and hot drinks too.

So, if you’re ever passing through this part of Texas, consider treating yourself to something delicious and supporting gnome-loving businesses like Gnome Cones!

UK Man, Ron Broomfield, has 1,700 Gnomes (But No Wife)

Rom Broomfield, now 79 years old, started collecting gnomes 50 years ago. “I was stressed and someone said get a hobby,” Ron explained. “Seven gnomes caught my eye at a garden center so I got them.”

1,700 gnomes later, Ron is still collecting. What a guy!

Photo credit: Simon Ashton via Sunday Mirror

Photo credit: Simon Ashton via Sunday Mirror

People say Ron is weird. But he says that there are much weirder things to collect out there, and that his collection makes him smile.

However, that smile hasn’t gotten him a wife. And neither has the thousands of dollars that he believes his collection to be worth. But Ron has something better than a wife…he has a HAREM.

Ron’s harem consists of five “admirers” that he has lunch with at his gnome cottage in Alford, Lincs once a week. When he’s not busy entertaining the harem, Ron takes his gnomes around in a converted shopping trolley (the gnomemobile) and dresses like a gnome himself.

Photo credit: Simon Ashton via Sunday Mirror

Photo credit: Simon Ashton via Sunday Mirror

If you are blessed enough to have UK television access, check out Ron’s feature on “Excessive and Compulsive Collectors” on December 18th at 8pm on Channel 5.

If anyone defined badass at this very moment, it’s Ron Broomfield. Can we meet you? Can we marry you?

B.S.G.S.G. the MexiGnome