You’ve Gotta Visit This Gnome-Themed Sandwich Shop in Denver!

As part of our ongoing series about gnome-themed businesses around the world, wanted to share a bit about our recent visit to The Grateful Gnome Sandwich Shoppe & Brewery in Denver, Colorado.

The Grateful Gnome is an authentic Italian-style delicatessen that doubles as a microbrewery, because well, this is Colorado after all. Being only established in March 2018, it’s pretty new on the local restaurant scene but makes an awesome addition to the hip Berkley neighborhood on the northwest side of town.

Dan Appell is the brains and heart behind The Grateful Gnome, inspired by his dad’s Parsippany, New Jersey sandwich shop when he was a kid. Meanwhile, Bess is the expert brewmaster who provides the sandwich shop with well-balanced and tasty beers.

As you might expect, The Grateful Gnome is decked out with gnome figurines, banners, signage, and merchandise for sale. Look behind the bar for a big collection of gnomes, and then stroll around inside to find “hidden gnome gems” that will make you smile. My husband and I sat outside on the restaurant’s patio because it’s dog-friendly out there if you tie your pup to the side of the fence and we had our “Monkey” with us.

The restaurant’s sandwich menu is extensive and pretty overwhelming with at least 54 options to choose from, plus dozens of toppings and add-ons. At the Grateful Gnome, you’ll also find a kids’ menu, soups, salads, fries, and other surprises. And don’t forget about the beer! You’ll find about 12 beers on tap here, as well as a cider and a non-alcoholic root beer. Get a sampler if you can’t make up your mind or want to try a few different gnome-inspired varieties.

I’ll admit that the menu is a bit challenging as a vegetarian because it’s very meat-heavy, but they have a great “vegwich” that tastes great with the Giggity IPA and Hibiscus Saison. The service was good, the t-shirts are cute, and the neighborhood is fun to walk around. Better yet, The Grateful Gnome offers live music sporadically throughout the week and updates its Facebook page with details about who’s playing when. So next time you’re in Denver, stop by The Grateful Gnome and tell the gnomies we say hello!

A Visit to the Gnome Nook’s Confectioners – Denver, Colorado

At the end of a recent snowboarding trip I took to Colorado, I stumbled upon the most delightful gnome-themed shop in Denver. The Gnome’s Nook Confectioners is tucked away among the trendy eateries and quaint shops in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood.

The well-decorated Gnome's Nook entrance
The well-decorated Gnome’s Nook entrance

Stroll through the shop’s outdoor area, which is lined trees, shrubs, benches, and gnome murals. Then make your way inside to enter a magical candy-filled forest with a variety of “gnomemade” chocolate, truffles, covered pretzels, and vintage candies.

Gnome candy

But the very best part of the shop awaits you on the second floor! Up a single flight of stairs you’ll find a wonderful collection of modern and vintage gnomes, gnome books, greeting cards, games, gnome artwork, knitted gnome hats, and gnome jewelry. I loved browsing through the collections of 1990s Kinder Surprise gnomes, 1980s Tom Clark gnomes, 1970s Goebel gnomes, and even a gnome from the 1940s!

Kinder Surprise gnome collection
Kinder Surprise gnome collection

The Gnome’s Nook Confectioners is owned by a brother-sister team, Stephen and Katherine Hostettler. According to a local blogger, Stephen chose the signature gnome theme so as to be gender neutral and make the store’s environment welcoming to everyone. I’m still waiting for the owners to reply to an email I sent to the owners with a few questions about their business.

Flower room

But the Gnome’s Nook isn’t just for shopping, it’s for celebrations too! The owners welcome birthday parties and plan gnome-themed activities wit party favors and cake to keep kids of all ages entertained. The shop also hosts parties for graduations, summer solstice, spring equinox, and Mayday.

Gnome garden entrance
Gnome garden entrance

You can attend movie nights, open air music, circle readings, and wine/chocolate pairings throughout the year. Gnome’s Nook also offers “gnome trade” workshops that focus on felting, candle-making, birdhouse making, and garden planting.

Freaking out at all the gnomes up for adoption
Freaking out at all the gnomes up for adoption

I definitely enjoyed my stop at the Gnome’s Nook Confectioners and I highly recommend it to anyone living near or traveling through the Denver area. See for yourself at 1078 South Gaylord Street, Denver, Colorado or give the owners a call at 303-997-7103.