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Greetings, fellow gnomelings!

I’m Horace’s younger brother from the city! Much like my brother, I love nature. However, I was kidnapped and brainwashed by an evil troll last February. I was living in a subway tunnel at the intersection of Clark and Lake, where doors open on the left.

Since my memory was wiped clean, the words of the train conductor are the only real truths that I can recall. Using my trusty shovel, I dug my way through the subway tunnel and after six months, I have been reunited with my brother at The Gnome Abode.

Hi new friends!

Is There a Gnome Festival Happening Near You in 2019?

As gnome enthusiasts, collectors, and artists, we often to think of our gnomes as homebodies. But there are actually a surprising number of events across the country (and around the world) that bring gnome fans together to share stories, make crafts, and be entertained. It often takes a some asking around town or some Googling, but I love searching for gnome-themed festivals and events close to home and in places I plan to travel to.

Some events are very well-established and draw in lots of people each year, such as the annual Festival of the Gnomes at Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park & Theatre in Joliet, Illinois. This gnome festival takes place in early December each year and is filled with live music, “gnomemade” crafts, red pointy hats, and even festive drinks. Of course, there’s the epic Australian Gnome Convention that celebrates Australia Day in the Blue Mountains at Glenbrook Park. This January event usually draw in around 8,000 visitors, has over 2,000 gnomes on display, and has everything from food to train rides and even dog demonstrations!

But there are also lots of smaller and more localized gnome festivals that take place at nearby parks, trails, and botanical gardens. For example, the Buffalo Botanical Gardens in Buffalo, New York hosts a Fairy and Gnome Festival in May that offers kids the opportunities to create their own miniature gnome garden or gnome house. The Oatland Island Wildlife Center in Savannah, Georgia offers an annual Fairy and Gnome Festival each May as well that encourages gnome costumes, crafts, face painting, and plenty of imaginative play for little ones.

Similar annual fairy and gnome festivals also take place in the spring at the AnnMarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center  in Dowell, Maryland, the Evergreen Children’s Center in Xenia, Ohio, and the Kimball Jenkins Estate in Concord New Hampshire.

Need some more ideas? Perhaps you can check out Gnome Fest in Townsend, Delaware, go on a Gnome Adventure Hike at Kroger Wetlands in Marietta, Ohio, attend the Seabrook’s Gnome & Fairy Festival in Washington State, or head over to the Fairy and Gnome Home Festival in Centerville, Utah.

As you can see, there are ways to embrace your love of gnomes all over the country! All of these local events are family-friendly and many accept volunteers. They’re also wonderful opportunities to get the little ones in your life interested in gnomes and to feel spirit of love, nature, and adventure that they represent. Is there a gnome festival happening near you this year? Please share details with us, and we hope to see you there!

Scooter Dude Schools Us About German Gnomes

Greetings gnome news followers!

It’s not every day that we learn something from a dude on a scooter. Apparently this guy, Michael Wigge, is scootering around Germany and teaching the world things along the way.



Seriously, people. You HAVE to see this to believe it.

This is what we learned today from scooter dude:

  1. There are over 25,000 gnomes in Germany (we have no idea how that number was calculated and we won’t ask if you don’t).
  2. More than half of Germans don’t think of gnomes as mere ornaments. Thank you. At least someone understands us.
  3. Gräfenroda is the birthplace of the mass produced gnome. Mass production! Hooray!
  4. Scooters never look cool, no matter what.
  5. There’s a gnome museum in Thuringia. OMG travel list updated!

GermanyMuseumA gnome’s day is never complete unless a super important thing has been learned. Thanks scooter dude. We’ll take back our comment about scooters not being cool. At least to your face.

DoorsOpenOnTheLeftAtClarkAndLake the Gnome


There are 13,289 gnome items on Etsy!


Although we gnomes haven’t yet gotten crafty enough to have our OWN Etsy site, we still enjoy looking the pages of others. Today I simply searched for “gnome.”

There are 13,289 gnome items on Etsy! 

OVERLOAD! I don’t even know whereto start shopping!

Take a lazy Saturday browse through the first couple thousand. What’s your favorite homemade or vintage gnome item for sale?

Going broke one swipe at a time,
DoorsOpenOnTheLeftAtClarkAndLake the Gnome

Gnomes Still Patiently Waiting For World to End


Okay, so perhaps last night’s blog post was NOT our last. And okay fine, we all seem to be alive here at The Gnome Abode.

However, we gnomes are fully convinced that today is the last of all days. The Mayans had gnomes. There’s archaeological evidence to prove it. I don’t have it with me at this exact moment, but it’s gotta be lying around here somewhere.

So in the meantime, we sit…

And we wait….

With our creature friends….

Going about our normal daily activities.





Anytime now, world…..c’mon bring it!!!!

Possibly the last post of all time,
Doors Open on the Left at Clark and Lake, The Gnome


Are Gnomes descendants of Chinese demons from the Tang Dynasty?


If you happened to read yesterday’s blog post, you know that Horace went to an art museum and stole a bunch of stuff. Good for him! Anyway, last night around the dinner table, he was telling me about something really disturbing that he found during his theft expedition.

Chinese demons of the Tang Dynasty.

Check ’em out. REALLY check ’em out. Don’t they kinda sorta look like gnomes?!

I always thought of myself as a white dude gnome with a good soul. But are all of us really part Chinese?


This is crazy disturbing. These demons hung out from in 600’s to the 900’s AD and apparently were pretty hardcore.

The Oxford Dictionary of Asian Mythology says:
Demons or gui, are prevalent in the Chinese mythological world. Gui also refers to the secondary soul that is separated from the higher  soul (hun) at death. The superior soul becomes spirit (shen), and  if not treated properly in a ritualistic sense, gui can become a ghost or bad demon. Important demons are Chiyou,  who fought against the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi (see Chiyou, Huangdi); Gonggong  (see Gonggong), who  destroyed one of the pillars of the world with his enormous horn, causing  turmoil on earth; and the Four Evils, which any new sovereign had to over-come  upon assuming rule.

Are there any gnome religious leaders out there? Anyone?! I have so many questions and don’t know where to turn!

Scared to be a demon,
DoorsOpenOnTheLeftAtClarkAndLake the Gnome