Spaghetti and Noodles

Allow me to introduce you to the new age of the gnome musical revolution. This is the exclusive home for GNOME DUB STEP.

Come into my world of syncopated drum patterns and prominent sub bass frequencies. All performed by yours truly.

I am DJ Spaghetti Sauce.


I’m stoked to share my latest remix with you. My minions are bustin’ pavement to get you the downloadable studio version, the mix video, and my latest podcast all streaming simulatneously through your eardrums. Blast ’em out yo. You can find me on the keys….

I’d be nowhere without my lady and partner in crime. She is a flamingo and her name is Noodle Sauce. I call her Noodles for short. Shorty for Noodles.

photo (1)

She’s the real deal….a true queen of electronica. We met in an alley in South London in 2003.

You can find her on the mike. That sweet hook is all her. She has the lungs of an angel.

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I’m in collaboration with master spinner, DJ Gnome. Check his mad spins –

Live, love, drums.
DJ Spaghetti Sauce, The Gnome