Let’s All Go to Tuscon on Saturday!


AHH! Tuscon has a Gnome Fest?! How did we just hear about this now?!

festQUICK! Everyone book a flight to Arizona STAT!

They’re trying to set the Guinness World Record of largest number of people dressed as garden gnomes. What an awesome record!

At least 479 people need to dress up this Saturday at theĀ 2nd Annual Tucson Gnome Fest. The current record holder is the UK (damn those Brits) with 478 people dressed up as gnomes at the Foyer of Malvern Theaters in Worcester.

gnome festvanWorcester….isn’t that a sauce? And that record was set back in 2011. It’s time for America to step up and dress up like gnomes. Shiiiiiit….

There’s supposed to be a beard competition (ya’ll goin’ down), food trucks (yum), drawing contests (ya’ll goin’ down again), and lots of other awesomeness.

If you dress up, you also have a chance to win a big ass TV or electric guitar. We need those things in The Gnome Abode!Gnomefest

A whole bunch of bands are playing too so check out the lineup on the Metro Gnome Music page.

If you can’t find your old gnome costume in the back of your closet, they’ll sell you a hat for 5 bucks. Don’t worry….2 of those bucks go to the Humane Society….because gnomes are cool like that.

This article is how we found out about the event!

Kamikaze the South-Bound Gnome

Photo credit: Metro Gnome Music