The Louisville, Kentucky Gnome Giving Away CASH!

Stop whatever it is you’re doing and follow The Louisville Gnome on Twitter.

Ugh another dumb gnome site?! I hear what you’re thinking. I’m telepathic like that.

“Everyday, accompanied by a friendly gnome, money will be posted around Louisville. Followed by a Picture and a Hint. Please spend the money wisely,” so says this mysterious gnome who has emerged on the scene.


The gnome game began in early February. And it is shrouded in mystery. SHROUDED, I TELL YOU! The gnome hider’s true identity remains a well-guarded secret.

The gnome hider apparently got some inheritance from his grandpa and promised to do something unique with the money. “I kind of, I really wanted to give back to the community,” the gnome hider told WHAS11 News. “As cliché as that sounds, that’s like, exactly what I really wanted to do.”

But these hidden gnomes are about more than just finding money…it’s about the fun gnome-seekers have looking for them. “I would really like them to pass it on to someone else that really needs it” the gnome hider said. “That was kind of my main goal. I mean, honestly, it’s their choice.”


All we know right now is that the mysterious gnome hider is young and that he works for a charity called Free the Children. Not even joking…I was traveling through Louisville just yesterday and frantically checking my Twitter feed for location updates. Sadly, there were none and I returned home gnomeless.

But maybe you’ll be the lucky one! I’ve seen pictures of people posing with 20s and 50s…but who knows how big the gnome bills can go!

Good luck!

Trixie the Gnome