Are Tree Yetis a Legitimate Threat to Gnomes?

So um..we have a problem here.

While trolling the Interwebs, I came across an article that garden gnomes were “out” and tree yetis are “in.”

Which prompts the obvious questions…what the hell is a tree yeti and do they actually pose a legitimate threat to our very existence?

Well here’s what the dang thing looks like:

treeyetiPretty freaking creepy, if you ask me. This thing does WAY beyond the average gnome’s capacity for creepiness. No question about it.

Apparently, these tree yetis are taking the suburbs by storm. Have you seen any of these things lurking around? We need to assess the severity of this situation.

The Gnome Police Department (GPD) would greatly appreciate it if you could email any photographic evidence of tree yetis to us at [email protected].

Over and out.

Muchas gracias,
Lieutenant SpeakNoGnome