About gnomecow

Moooo!!!! I have my own bio page!! I was once a manatee, a sea cow. I have since risen out of the water to become a land cow.

What is this strange creature?

We are monkeys, hooray! Last night when gnomecow and gnomeplaya came back to the cow palace, they brought over a strange orange creature. It sort of looked like Fatty, but orange. And fatter. We monkeys went to investigate, and Crazy was all over it.

After a half an hour of saying hellos and peace offerings, we found out that this orange creature doesn’t talk. Or do anything. So we contemplated eating it

But then suddenly an army of fat gnomes came out of nowhere and started worshiping the orange creature.

If anyone out there knows what this strange orange creature is, let us know! Hooray! Meanwhile Fatty and I (Nappy) are going to go on a Monkey Rescue Mission with our fancy new helmets, snowshoes and trekking poles, hooray!

Fellowship of the Monkeys, hooray!

Hiiiiii!!! We are monkey and monkeys are we, hooray!!!

We heard about all the adventures gnomes have, so we went on our own adventure today, hooray! Fatty, Nappy, Crazy, Manatee and Friends and I (Lucky) went to go find some monkey cookies that we heard were stashed in the cupboards, hooray!

It was a long and arduous journey. We left on the journey from our comfy couch at 10am. We had to cross a vast field full of obstacles to get to the kitchen. First we traversed a monkey computer, hooray!

Then we came across a colorful, evil-looking skull. Crazy was the only one crazy enough to cross it. But he found the skull to be good natured, so the rest of us passed without harm, hooray!

After that we encountered an abominable blue monkey lurking behind a monkey totem pole. Nappy used his diplomatic skills to negotiate a passage. Turns out the abominable monkey, whom we found out is named How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck, was more afraid of us than we were of him. But Nappy did a great job making friends, just as he did negotiating the Great Gnome Abode Coup 2012, and we were on our way to the kitchen, hooray!

The final obstacle was getting to the cupboard. Fatty, Nappy and I built a monkey totem pole, while Manatee and Friends supervised. Crazy climbed over us to the delicious monkey cookies, hooray!

We came back with the spoils and have a great feast! Everyone had one cookie each, but Fatty ate three, and Binky (aka Mini Fatty) had two, hooray!

And then Crazy went off on his own to set off some fireworks. We were scared and didn’t take a picture, but it looked something like this.

Now we are tired from our journey. And typing. So we’re going to go nap with Nappy, hooray!

MONKEYS! Hello! Hi!!

Is this thing on? Hello??

Oh wait, thERE it goes. HELLO! We are Monkeys!

And we want to say HI!! We really like GNomes!! They are small, colorful and funny! And sometimes they feed us bananas!

My name is nappy and my two brothers are Happy and Fatty. Happy Lives IN the Gnome Abode. I live with GNOmanatee.

We haVe Finally, figured out How to use THE computer and interWebs, it took three of us. I’m the one typing beLOW:

BYE! Oh, and we totall made a DEal with that EVil, Lizard! BYE AGAIN! SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!

Dear Dairy…

I found some — oh wait, that was supposed to be ‘Dear Diary’ — anyway, I just found some holes in my wall today. I climbed over my bearded boyfriend, wait, no, scratch that. I crawled over my bearded man-atee (haha, get it??), and went to investigate what I thought were bugs on my precious, beautiful wall. But those ‘bugs’ just turned out to be uninteresting, and untitilating holes. Whoops, I spelled un-titillating wrong… Tits!!

I miss my friend double-D McGee, sister of Tits McGee. I rode her, hard, in Florida the other day. Tits is jealous, but she will get over it.

Bye Dairy…