A Little Bit About a Band Called the “UnGnomes”

We here at The Drunk Gnome are huge fans of music. And before you start to judge our musical tastes, take a seat and read along.

I know what you’re thinking….oh, gnome music….that sounds lame. I’d like to hear you play a few bars of your perception of “gnome music” in the key of D, please. I’m not joking around here. I really want to hear some sounds coming out the end of my laptop from you.



Whatever you suck.

But our taste in music doesn’t, so whatever, back to it.


It should come as no surprise that we’re a bit partial to bands that have “gnome” in their name. Perhaps you read about The Gnome Addicts playing in Boulder, Gnome from Australia, or Cleveland-based Mr. Gnome. If you didn’t read about them, read about them now. That wasn’t just a passing comment to fill space in a blog post!




I learned about a new gnome-themed band last week called the UnGnomes. After listening to a few of their tracks, I’m still unclear on exactly what an “ungnome” is. Take a listen. Do you get it?

Unfortunately, I missed out on catching the UnGnomes’ show this past weekend when they played a Wabash street festival in Chicago. Have any of you other gnomes out there seen them live? Worth a road trip? Fill me in, will ya?


Gracias, bitches.

Lil’ Dimwit, Rapper Gnome Extraordinaire

Gnomes & Australian Pop Music


Gnome-See-In-Walk-330x317So I discovered a new gnome band. Amish Meth Lab quartet: watch out.

They’re called Gnome. Plain ‘n’ simple. Just Gnome.

And they’re from Australia, which makes them cooler than you.


This Chelsea chick says their new album, See in Walk, is other-worldly, blissful, euphoric, natural, and tranquil.

bandpicThat pretty much sums up gnomekind in five adjectives. What more could you want from your beats?

Listen to some good shiznit here.

Signing off ’til the after-party,
DJ Spaghetti Sauce the Gnome


Bluegrass Gnome Band in Boulder!


Well hey there. Just your favorite Amish Meth Lab musician here with a breaking news update!

nomadA band of bluegrass gnomes is playing in Boulder, Colorado tomorrow. They’re great friends of ours and call themselves The Gnome Addicts. It’s a wonder how more of you out there reading there aren’t gnome addicts yourselves.

Or maybe you are. Are you addicted to us?

Anyhoo, if you’re in the Boulder area or if you are really into bluegrass and don’t mind a long commute, go check ’em out tomorrow! By buying a ticket, you’re helping restore the Nomad Theater because all ticket proceeds go towards the restoration. Pretty rad, eh?

Show starts at 6:30….see ya there!

Banjos 4 life,
McCartney The Gnome and Amish Meth Lab founder

Spaghetti and Noodles

Allow me to introduce you to the new age of the gnome musical revolution. This is the exclusive home for GNOME DUB STEP.

Come into my world of syncopated drum patterns and prominent sub bass frequencies. All performed by yours truly.

I am DJ Spaghetti Sauce.


I’m stoked to share my latest remix with you. My minions are bustin’ pavement to get you the downloadable studio version, the mix video, and my latest podcast all streaming simulatneously through your eardrums. Blast ’em out yo. You can find me on the keys….

I’d be nowhere without my lady and partner in crime. She is a flamingo and her name is Noodle Sauce. I call her Noodles for short. Shorty for Noodles.

photo (1)

She’s the real deal….a true queen of electronica. We met in an alley in South London in 2003.

You can find her on the mike. That sweet hook is all her. She has the lungs of an angel.

photo (4)

I’m in collaboration with master spinner, DJ Gnome. Check his mad spins –

Live, love, drums.
DJ Spaghetti Sauce, The Gnome

There’s a ‘Lawn Gnome’ Concert Venue in Arizona?!

Concert held at Lawn Gnome to protest proposed
expansion of Loop 202
By , On Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

“Protesting against potential expansion of State Route 202, a benefit concert for the No South Mountain Freeway group was held Saturday night at Lawn Gnome Publishing on Roosevelt Row.lawngnome_post

The group opposes a proposed eight-lane extension of Loop 202 that would run through Ahwatukee. The responsibility for such an extension would fall under the purview of the Arizona Department of Transportation, or ADOT, which has supported the expansion since 1983 through multiple delays caused by shortage of funds and political controversy. The extension could cut into territory of the Gila River Indian Community reservation and the public lands of South Mountain Park.

Folk singers Exploding Oranges, James Keenan of synth-rockers A Life of Science and hardcore punk band Lo Cash Ninjas took to the stage as activists distributed fliers to attendees and spoke about the issue. The concert followed a previous fundraiser at Lawn Gnome in December.

Justine Hecht, a justice studies graduate student at ASU and a member of No South Mountain Freeway, explained that the benefit was more about raising awareness of the issue than raising money.

“When you have a bunch of people, that’s actually a lot more powerful than a bunch of money,” Hecht said.

Aaron Johnson said he allowed No South Mountain Freeway to host their show at his bookstore because he sympathizes with the cause as a focal point of Native American rights and sustainable development.

“It’s become a political issue when it shouldn’t be,” Johnson said. “Build more in already developed areas, and leave the areas outside of our already conquered spectrum.”

But Johnson also said that, beyond his personal views, he felt the show was in line with his vision of his store as a forum for free expression and constructive communication.

“It’s incredible how much people don’t think about freedom of speech,” Johnson said. “That’s really what this place is, a sanctuary of all beliefs, all political ideas, all science, all religion. It’s a way to add to the bigger picture, which is more discourse.”

Okay, what’s playing here next! We have gotta see an upcoming show here!
McCartney the Gnome and Amish Meth Lab Member